Aug 28, 2022


City Robotics secures €150K Pre-Seed Investment led by Think Bigger Capital Fund I

To build a disinfection robot to help the world during a crisis.

Warsaw, Poland:City Robotics today announced a new round of pre-seed funding of €150.000. This round of funding was led by Think Bigger Capital Fund I with participation from another angel investor who wishes to remain anonymous.

“The product being developed by the team meets the requirements for disinfection of publicly used and trafficked buildings with a cutting edge technology.

The Robo-UV Pro will meet all regulations and standards to make it suitable for virtually all Eurasian and American markets at a competitive cost and offering wider features than its competitors. Therefore, we expect a successful performance of this venture,” says the angel investor.

“We have two major hospitals in Europe waiting to run the pilot project with us and this round of funding will enable us to deliver it on time,” says Deepjyoti Nath, CEO at City Robotics.

“In turbulent times, it is impossible to overestimate the technological solutions that can help protect health and life. City Robotics is an example of quick product adaptation to current needs. We are very happy that we can support our startups on various levels. We believe that thanks to research at the Municipal Medical Center dr. Karol Jonscher in Łódź, the product will soon be available to a wide audience “- Mateusz Sipa, Deputy Director of the Economic Development and International Cooperation Office, City of Lodz Office.

This new round of funding will be used to Research and Development of the first prototype and run pilots with hospitals. Specifically, the areas that the company will focus on are:

  • Research and Develop the first prototype
  • Manufacture the first prototype
  • Run the first pilots with medical research institutes and hospitals in Central Eastern Europe

Microbiologists from the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, University of Lodz, obtained preliminary results of research on the effectiveness of the Robo-UV Pro against human pathogens.

In preliminary studies, microbiologists showed that direct exposure of S. aureus to the Robo-UV Pro radiation led to complete disinfection (killing all pathogens) after just 3 minutes. It should be noted that only 35% of the UV radiation efficiency was used for this experiment (i.e. 2 out of 6 UV lamps in the prototype). Using its full capacity, it expects much better results in terms of further reducing the time needed to kill pathogens.

About City Robotics:

City Robotics was founded out of necessity. At City Robotics, we have one and only one mission, to bring affordable robots to the masses. Robots like a “disinfection robot” from our competitors are so expensive that only the richest of the rich can afford them.

Why? Should only the rich be able to afford a proper hygiene environment?

No, technology should be for everyone. Every single person on earth should have access to proper healthcare and a hygienic environment and we are here to make sure of that.