Robo-UV Lite

Provide better safety for your passengers and crew by using technology
And make your airline of the future

Start: ​The operator starts Robo-UV using a smartphone

Disinfection: Robo-UV Lite disinfects the aisle in 15 minutes

Report: Robo-UV sends notification when disinfection is finished


Mapping based navigation

Deploy quickly without infrastructure investments or interruption to business operations. Robots navigate seamlessly without a need for physical markers, such as markers, magnets, beacons and more.

Avoids obstacles using 3D depth-sensing camera. It uses 2D LiDAR to measure its surroundings in real time. And IR sensors to have millimetre level precision

Optimize targeted doses of UV-C light by defining stopping points. This cleans all sized surfaces – both easily accessible and non-easily accessible.