Robo-UV Max

Robo-UV Max is a next-generation disinfection robot which comes in the same size as Robo-UV Pro but packs double the power. Introducing wireless charging in the world of robotics.

Wireless Charing: Robo-UV Max is capable of autonomous charging

Schedule: Schedule Robo-UV to disinfect at night and stay worry free

Report: Robo-UV sends notification when disinfection is finished


Autonomous Wireless Charging

Now never worry about Robo-UV running out of battery. The robot can find the nearest wireless charing station, pause its current task and once it is fully charged resume its task. Multiple robots can charge from the same wireless charger thus drastically reducing the cost.


Built for safety

There are multiple layers of protection to protect humans that come near its proximity while the UV-C lamps are turned on. PiR sensors to detect humans even in no light. Human recognition using the camera and AI. Hardware level safety with emergency stop button. The lamps are automatically turned off if a human is detected.

Industries used in:


Hospitals and Clinics
Private practices and Nursing homes


Open Spaces


Schools, Universities
Airports, Hotels and Restaurants