Robo-UV Pro

Robo-UV Pro allows efficient and safe disinfection in most spaces. At City Robotics we push technology to the limits, to assist humans in tasks that are not safe for them.

Start: ​The operator orders Robo-UV using a smartphone

Disinfection: Robo-UV disinfects room in 15* minutes

Report: Robo-UV sends notification when disinfection is finished


Uniform Disinfection

Optimize targeted doses of UV-C light by defining stopping points. This cleans all sized surfaces – both easily accessible and non-easily accessible.

Each robot is equipped with a camera that offers broad visibility to avoid obstacles while navigating. Also, when humans are detected in its vicinity, robots disengage UV-C light to avoid human contact.

Use a smartphone to control the robot. At the press of a button the robot is ready to disinfect every room Or Schedule it for a certain hour of the day

Robo-UV is always connected to the cloud, keep an eye on your fleet from anywhere using any device. Robo-UV can be used from a laptop, tablet, smart phone or desktop computer. Get software updates over the air and always have the latest features!!

Industries used in:


Hospitals and Clinics
Private practices and Nursing homes


Open Spaces


Schools, Universities
Airports, Hotels and Restaurants