Sep 9, 2022


Robotics company secures €1.15 Million in funding from Venture Capital and strategic angel investors to meet customer demand and capture the market

Warsaw, Poland, August 22, 2022 – City Robotics, a robotics company from Warsaw Poland, today announced the close of its seed funding round. The fully subscribed round raised €1.15 million in new capital to fuel the company’s next phase of growth. The round was led by Azahar Global Capital and follow-up investment by Think Bigger Capital and angel investors. Funds will be primarily allocated across R&D, sales and customer success to accelerate market penetration and open new markets.

“City Robotics is a pioneer in bringing affordable robots to the market. Our products are aimed at challenges that the world is facing and the shortage of labour in certain markets. We want our robots to enhance your productivity and not to replace you.” said Deepjyoti Nath, CEO.

“With our first product, Robo-UV, winning multiple awards and tested by multiple public hospitals in Europe and lab-verified by the University of Lodz. Robo-UV is a disinfection robot which is capable of disinfecting large spaces like a university, hospitals, offices, and public spaces in a matter of minutes, compared to traditional methods which can take hours and put human lives at risk. Robo-UV has various models, like Robo-UV Pro which is a general-purpose disinfection robot, Robo-UV Max is an advanced version with wireless charging, more advanced applications using AI and Robo-UV Lite which has been made specifically to move along the aisle of an aeroplane and disinfect in-between passenger transfer.”

“Secura is a security robot made to autonomously patrol large spaces like train stations, offices, hotels, warehouses and industries. With a huge gap of human resources needed for security applications, we come in to make it easier for security guards to patrol large spaces and monitor everything from a command centre with bi-directional audio capabilities.”

“In the past 18 months, we have designed a robot from scratch, make the electricals, hardware, sensor fusion, and software with thousands of lines of code, designed the manufacturing tool, and assembly. Doing all that in just 18 months has been one of the fastest time records for a robotics startup. We do accept that we are standing on the shoulders of giants, learned from the mistakes of previous robotics startups that failed and avoid repeating the same mistakes.”

“We believe in City Robotics project as they have been able to apply cutting edge technology in industrial automatization processes through robotics, offering a real and effective solution for the protection of health and life, at reasonable prices”. says Antonio Vaquero (Investment Director of Azahar Global Capital)

Ivan Mazuryk, Janusz Szymczak, Deepjyoti Nath co-founders of City Robotics

Robo-UV Pro –

Robo-UV Lite – City Robotics at South Summit | Madrid, Spain

Secura – Secura – An autonomous security robot