Jun 12, 2022

City Robotics partners with Hommax to launch a new product

The City Robotics team proudly announces its partnership with Hommax, one of the biggest security distributors in Spain and Portugal.

City Robotics is a high-tech robotics company created by dedicated individuals who are eager to bring affordable and effective robotic solutions to those who need them. 

Initially, the company developed and manufactured the Robo-UV® Pro, a robot that disinfects large areas and surfaces in less than 15 minutes and kills 99.999% of pathogens. After successful operations of the product in Polish hospitals and its effective work during the South Summit 2021City Robotics® decided to enter a new market – security.

To enter the new sector, City Robotics chose a proven tactic – to find a company that has significant recognition in the area and collaborate with them. Hommax stood out as an ideal option. 

Hommax Sistemas is a Spanish company specializing in distributing security products and services in Spain and Portugal. It works with Western Digital, Honeywell, Risco, Hiwatch, and Hikvision.

The idea of this partnership is to launch security robots for large premises, e.g., shopping malls, warehouses, and hospitals. The main goal is to develop robots that are of the highest quality and at the same time affordable, so that not only big corporations can afford them, but also smaller companies. Firms have already agreed to manufacture the robots, and City Robotics is actively developing them. The future robots launched will be named “Secura”.