Jun 12, 2022


City Robotics volunteers to help Ukrainian refugees

Europe is in the middle of the largest humanitarian crisis seen in decades. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has threatened its sovereignty and caused terrible destruction all over the country. 

This needless war has killed thousands of innocent civilians and forced millions of Ukrainians to flee their homeland leaving behind their entire lives. Around 3.5 million people have fled from Ukraine and sought refuge in neighbouring European countries, while 6.5 million people have become refugees in their own countries, leading to the biggest refugee crisis seen in Europe since World War II. Large numbers of refugees have been accepted by Poland, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Moldova, and Slovakia. The majority of the refugees are currently living in dire situations without hope of ever returning home. What can we do for them during these hard times? We can unite and help them however we can. Undoubtedly, humanitarian aid is one of the major things that will help them now. 

Poland is hosting more than 2 million refugees for now, and this number is growing every day. Many refugees had to walk all the way to the Polish border in severe cold. Their hardships do not end even after reaching refugee centres, where they face additional difficulties. The centres are becoming cramped day by day and a struggle for basic amenities ensues. The government is doing all it can to help but this is when ordinary citizens need to step in and lend a helping hand to these helpless people. We at City Robotics wanted to do something to help the refugees and had our opportunity last week. Our team volunteered at one of the refugee centres in Mokotów. We helped to distribute food, basic necessities, and clothes. 

These times are especially difficult for children who do not understand the gravity and unfairness of the situation. They are distressed as they are in a completely new environment and do not see their fathers around, who stayed behind to fight. So, we decided to bring a little joy to the kids at the centre. We raised money and donated over 100 books, notepads, stationery, and colouring books. The smile that this gesture bought to the lips of the children is above any reward we could have gotten. We also supported newly arriving refugees at Warszawa Zachodnia Station, distributing 225 handmade sandwiches and around 200 water bottles. Moreover, we sent 732 water bottles to Ukraine as the basic water infrastructure is broken in some cities under siege right now.

Additionally, each team member personally makes a contribution during his or her free time by helping refugees: some of us are hosting people at our homes, while others are collecting humanitarian aid and sending it to the Ukrainian border. We have two teammates from Ukraine, so we understand how hard it is when your country is torn apart in a war. And so, we are trying our best to provide shelter to people in need.

We would like to request everyone who is capable of extending a helping hand to these people in need. They have been ousted from their homes, uprooted from their lives, and their future destroyed. We as fellow humans should do all in our power to make them well safe, loved and welcome in our countries. 

Our team is always trying to be of service to people by engaging in various social projects or volunteering. We have worked with “Las na Zawsze” (Forest Forever) and invested in planting forests. City Robotics will plant 100m² of forest for every robot sold and we are keeping our promise.

We would like to remind you that even a small act of kindness can significantly alter the lives of people affected by war and other calamities. We are a young and small team for now, but we are very enthusiastic about making an immense impact on the world.

We want to inspire all big companies to do more for innocent and vulnerable individuals. If a small company like ours can manage to help a little, just imagine the impact a bigger corporation could have.