Jun 12, 2022

The Future is here

Robo-UV Pro – Our robot on guard, protecting us while we sleep.

DOLMED medical centre, a public-private healthcare institution takes a step toward using smart technology to solve the issues of the 21st century. Up until now, disinfection robots have been too expensive for public hospitals to use. This changes with the Robo-UV® Pro by City RoboticsCity Robotics aspires to make smart technology accessible to everyone.

The maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene standards have never been so important as in these times of a pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has swept the globe since 2020, killing 6 million people worldwide. The health care system of most countries has been overburdened for the last two years with COVID patients. These patients are also at increased risk of contracting hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) due to weak immune systems. Thus it is of utmost importance for care institutions like hospitals, clinics, and recovery units to maintain a hygienic environment and prevent the scare of additional infections. 

Most hospitals have taken this approach very seriously and increased the frequency of disinfection procedures. Hospital staff, who are already overworked, have had to put additional effort into disinfecting the premises. Especial care is taken to disinfect high-contact areas of the hospital and operation theatres. But there are many disadvantages to manual cleaning procedures. It is an expensive, labour-intensive, and time-consuming process. Manual cleaning uses harmful chemical disinfectants which may pose health hazards. Additionally, it is not a 100% efficient process and requires long periods of time to complete. An upgradation of these procedures will be very necessary for the future. A smarter solution for disinfection will surely be of much help to every hospital.

Here enters our product – Robo-UV® Pro, an autonomous disinfection robot which uses UVC light to disinfect surfaces, and can be used for swift and large-scale disinfection of hospitals. Its six UVC lamps can disinfect a room in just 15 minutes, wiping out 99.99% of microorganisms. UVC radiation works by breaking down the DNA, RNA, and proteins of the microorganism, which stops the microbe from multiplying and eventually kills it.

The use of Robo-UV® Pro enables hospitals to disinfect their premises much more efficiently and faster. The DOLMED Medical Centre took this smart step in Wrocław. The DOLMED Medical Centre currently uses the Robo-UV® Pro to disinfect an entire floor of the hospital every night. The Robo-UV® Pro is scheduled to start its work at 7 pm every day. The robot disembarks from its charging pod precisely at 7 pm, disinfects the whole floor, and then comes back to charge once it’s done. Since the Robo-UV® Pro is an autonomous robot, this whole routine is done without any kind of human supervision. The use of this robot has brought much respite to the staff of the hospital as well as increased the general hygiene standards.

City Robotics has a dream to make technology accessible to everyone. Our team wants to make sure that both public and private hospitals have access to technology that saves people’s lives. The Robo-UV® Pro was created with this view in mind. 

Robo-UV® Pro is the future of disinfection procedures. It is a smart choice which will help any hospital to fight HAIs and safeguard its patient’s and staff’s health. 

Smart technology is here! Robo-UV® Pro is here!

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